At Balanced Hormones and Health, we have found a way to accept out of network insurance to help alleviate some of the cost to our patients.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is typically offered by physicians and clinics as a cash-for-service program only. Many clinics charge thousands of dollars for this type of offering. Patients may find some physicians that offer bioidentical hormone therapy services as an in-network provider, however these providers become very constrained with this model and struggle to provide the time necessary in consults to provide the level of care that patients deserve when being treated with bioidentical hormones.

Do you work with every insurance company?

At Balanced Hormones and Health, we work with as many companies as we can. Currently we are NOT able to work with the following insurance companies.

Tricare Medicare/Medicaid Humana

Will insurance cover the lab work and if not how much are lab tests? Depending on individual insurance carriers, we can accommodate most patients and labs will be covered by insurance. However, this is the patient’s responsibility to insure coverage with their individual plans.

Questions about our programs? Please call Balanced Hormones and Health 800-775-4902 Ext 228 so we can discuss your symptoms, and create and individualized course of treatment for your specific needs.

We respect your privacy with the utmost amount of integrity and WILL NOT share, sell, rent or distribute your personal information to any third parties.
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Questions? Please call Progressive Medical Center of Dallas directly at 800-775-4902 Ext. 228 to schedule your consultation.

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