Dallas Natural Hormone and Anti-Aging Services

Dallas Texas Anti Aging Clinic, Executive Medicine of Texas, offers numerous services that can help patients to overcome their health conditions and improve overall health and wellness.

Some of the services and therapies offered include:


Having a healthy amount of nutrition is important for overall health and wellness, and because there are so many different ideas as to which foods are nutritious, a physician’s guidance can help patients to distinguish which foods will be best for them. A physician can help patients to create meal plans that allow for a patient to get a tailored diet that will work especially for them. Proper nutrition can improve digestion, moods, energy, sex drive, sleep, hormone production, and a person’s overall sense of wellbeing.

Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has helped many patients to overcome the effects of age related hormone decline. Because bioidentical hormones are identical in molecular and structural function to the hormones produced in the human body, they are more easily metabolized and create fewer side effects. Several patients have been able to improve their overall health and benefit from bioidentical hormones. Some of the benefits include weight loss, improved sex drive and function, reduced hot flashes and night sweats, improved moods, thicker and more lustrous hair, increased skin elasticity, stronger bones, and better sleep.

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone Replacement Therapy with bioidentical hormones can help men and women to reduce the effects of hormone decline. In men, low testosterone can lead to thinning hair, lower libido, erectile dysfunction, muscle atrophy, mood changes, reduced stamina and endurance, fatigue, and poor sleep. In women, a lack of testosterone can lead to flabbier muscles, weight gain, low libido, and fatigue. Replenishing testosterone can help both men and women to improve energy, workout performances, libido, sexual function, red blood cell production, muscle tone, and stamina.

Vitamin Supplementation

Vitamin Supplementation can help men and women to get nutrients that they would not normally get out of their daily diets. An increased amount of vitamin intake can help to improve general health, prevent illness, and increase immunity. Patients may also be able to have more energy, lose weight more easily, and elevate stamina and muscle growth.

Concierge Program

  • Primary Care
    -Same Day/Next Day Office Visits
    -Online Virtual Physician Consultations
    -Routine Lab Work
    -Routine Vaccinations
  • Gold Preventative Exam
    -Complete laboratory panel (Over 100 Values)
    -Comprehensive health history
    -Cardiovascular Stress Test
    -Follow up visit with executive health report
    -Other testing as included in our Gold Exam
  • 24/7 Physician Access
    Via phone, email, text messaging or online virtual meeting at the physicians discretion.
  • Coordination of Care
    Care will be coordinated with other health care providers.

Lab Testing

Lab tests can help both the patient and doctor determine treatment plans and make diagnoses about current health conditions. Several conditions can only be determined with lab results, and many patients can improve their health with programs that are specific to their condition.

Weight Loss

Weight loss programs can help men and women to get a plan that is specifically tailored to their needs. Several factors play a role in weight loss, and a weight loss physician can determine the best route for a patient to take in regard to reaching their weight loss goals. Countless patients have been able to lose weight and improve their overall health with a physician supervised weight loss program.

Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing can help patients to determine their levels of stamina and endurance. This can allow a practitioner to put together a safe exercise regimen for patients that need to incorporate some form of exercise into their lives. A good fitness program can improve their health, promote weight loss, and protect them from abstaining injuries.

Annual Gynecological Exams

Yearly gynecological check-ups are essential to female health and wellness. These exams can help to catch venereal infections early, which can prevent scarring and infertility in the uterus, and they can detect irregular cells on the cervix in order to prevent cervical cancer. They can also help women to address health concerns in regards to menstruation and fertility.

Heart Disease Prevention

Heart Disease is one of the biggest killers and one of the most preventable diseases. Heart Disease Prevention can help patients learn to make healthier dietary choices and enable them to lower sodium, fat, and sugar intake. It can also allow them to choose healthy ways to exercise, which can improve overall heart health and lower blood pressure. Patients can greatly benefit from heart disease prevention, which can allow them to prevent heart attacks, hypertension, and premature death.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help to prevent or reverse the effects of aging. Many physicians agree that aging occurs due to a loss of important hormones, and these hormones can be replenished with hormones that are identical to what the body produces. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can balance hormones without producing negative side effects, and patients can improve their energy, maintain a youthful appearance, and prevent inflammation that can occur due to aging.

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