About Executive Medicine of Texas and Staff

Executive Medicine of Texas has catered to countless men and women going through the symptoms of hormonal deficiencies. Bioidentical Hormones physicians and staff understand the many challenges that can arise with certain health conditions, and for this reason, the physician and staff is always happy to answer any questions that may arise in Dallas- Fort Worth Metro area. The clinic is equipped to answer patient’s specific needs, and Excutive Medicine of Texas believes in working with patients as partners in their health care and slowly earning the patient’s trust over time. J. Mark Anderson, M.D. has used bioidentical hormones to help patients regain their vitality, sense of wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

Mark Anderson, M.D., DABFP

Mark Anderson, M.D.
Mark Anderson, M.D.

A graduate of Texas A&M and University of Texas Galveston Medical School, Dr. Anderson is board certified in family practice. He is seen often in the media as a medical expert on various health topics.

He is the co-author of three books, including Age to Perfection: How to Thrive to 100 Happy, Healthy, and Wise. He also co-hosts the Staying Young Show.

Mark Anderson, M.D. was named a HealthCare Hero 2013 by the Fort Worth Business Press. Dr. Anderson has devoted his career to helping others reach their full health potential.

Mark Anderson, M.D.  dedication to keeping up with the latest science and technology is what makes him one of the most sought after physicians in the country.

Walter Gaman, M.D., FABFP

Walter Gaman, M.D.
Walter Gaman, M.D.

A native of Canada, Dr. Gaman is Board Certified in Family Practice and completed medical school at the University of Manitoba.

He is a medical expert for Fox News Radio and also co-hosts the nationally syndicated Staying Young Radio Show. He is the co-author of three books including Stay Young: 10 Proven Steps to Ultimate Health.

As a founding partner at Executive Medicine of Texas, Dr. Gaman’s passion is to educate people on how they can be proactive about their health.

He believes everyone has the ability to reach their 100th birthday, while still having a smile on their face and a skip in their step.

It was this very passion for health that lead to Newsweek Magazine naming him as a “Best Doctor in Texas” in 2010.

“When you look beyond symptoms and disease and take time to truly understand the history and circumstances in which they were born, you are able to treat the root of the problem, minimize (if not eliminate) symptoms, and enable the patient to head off a multitude of potential complications.”

Elizabeth Cox, M.D.

Elizabeth Cox, M.D.
Elizabeth Cox, M.D.

Elizabeth Cox, M.D. is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has continued her education in the realm of Integrative Medicine. She graduated from the University of Illinois, College of Medicine and was named Resident of the Year two years in a row during her Family Medicine residency. She was a hospital based physician in Illinois before going into private practice.

Her drive and dedication to preventative and proactive medicine makes her a great asset to Executive Medicine of Texas.


Executive Medicine of Texas will play an interactive role in care, education, and promotion of their patients’ health.

  • Each individual will have a clear understanding of their health status and needs.
  • Each individual will be given defined goals and strategies to help enhance their health and quality of life.
  • Each individual will be provided individual quality time with their physician and healthcare team.
  • Corporate clients will be given guidance and support in the health and welfare of their employees.
  • Corporate clients will be able to align themselves with us in an effort to reach their corporate wellness goals.
  • All clients will be given the tools to promote better individual health.

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